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Moira’s Party Boat to Launch the Ultimate Soir-eeh

Best wishes and warmest regards to the makers of a new SCHITT'S CREEK CRUISE, carrying a ship-full of Moiras and Davids through Florida and the Bahamas.

Buckle in bébe, because the epic, four-day experience - officially known as Moira’s Boat Party: Ew, Cruising! - is resurrecting the much-missed TV hit aboard the swankily refurbished Celebrity Summit (which even Alexis would approve of) from 30 March until 3 April 2023.

Guests are required to dress as their favourite character throughout and can expect entertainment including the Night of a Thousand Moiras, Bébe’s Chamber Wig Sail Away Party with Fruit Wine, “Fold in the cheese” dinner, Jocelyn’s Bingo, the “I like the wine, not the label” wine tasting and a performance by the Jazzagals.

It has been created by queens of drag events, Flip Phone, following the success of their Golden Girls themed cruise, Golden at Sea.

And fans of the multi-Emmy-bagging show will also enjoy free access to the Key West Alexis Bar Crawl excursion and a party inspired by Moira’s hit movie, The Crowening as well as a character costume contest and cabaret karaoke.

It sets sail from Miami and stops at Key West and Nassau, before returning to Florida, with beach and snorkelling excursions offered along the way.

They’ve ticked off everything a superfan could want, apart from the stars of the show, who aren’t involved in this soir-eeeh.

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