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Belgravia's Ice Cream Project plays Chilly Wonka

You can find out just how vanilla you are at deliciously eccentric designer, Anya Hindmarch’s Ice Cream Project concept store in Belgravia, which is serving Heinz Baked Beans, HP Sauce, PG Tips, Ketchup, Soy Sauce and Mayo flavoured ice creams until 28 August.

The sleek, Chilly Wonka pop-up is described as "a minimalist temple to the joy of ice cream and sorbet, with a twist” and is inspired by the British designer’s new accessories collection, an equally cool and bizarre homage to her favourite kitchen cupboard staples, from condiments and cereal to tea.

Those prepared to break their Cornetto shackles can try surprisingly delicious, frozen freakiness including Kikkoman Soy Sauce (toasted sesame ice cream laced with umami-rich, soy sauce) the sweet, salty and tangy Heinz Tomato Ketchup, HP Sauce (fruity, with a spicy hit of tamarind and dates) the super creamy Mayo, with zesty lemon and tangy vinegar, the sweet and protein-rich Baked Beans or the PG Tips-infused ice cream.

And for those who prefer less daring contents in their cones, there’s Coco Pops, Bird’s Custard, Quaker Oats, Frosties or Lyle’s Golden Syrup ice creams and a minty sorbet, laced with smashed Polo mints. Hindmarch explained: “Making everyday things in an extraordinary way has always been a passion of mine and is the reason why I love to play with iconic brands. "The Ice Cream Project sets out to challenge perceptions, working with the most sophisticated ingredients and recipes in an artful way.” The summer pop-up awaits your curious tongues at the Anya Hindmarch Village in Chelsea until the end of August and will undoubtedly be the first time anybody who buys one of her £895 Heinz Baked Beans bags has ever tasted them.

The Ice Cream Project at The Anya Hindmarch Village, 11 Pont Street, SW1X 9EJ. Until 28 August, Mon-Sat

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