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Buckle up for the speediest race in the country at Canary Wharf's Cabot Square

Adrenaline junkies, rejoice! London is now home to the UK’s FASTEST indoor go-karting experience, with Capital Karts opening a new track in Cabot Square in Canary Wharf today.

The souped-up karts will reach eye-popping speeds in excess of 45mph - which Londoners will know is actually the fastest any vehicle has traveled in our gridlocked city for at least a decade - and they’ve thoughtfully provided racers with a 100-metre finishing straight so you’ll have the chance to put pedal to the metal and actually hit top speed.

If you’re more of a going-round-corners kinda person (pfft), then fear not, they’ve got those, too - eighteen of them, to be precise, which will give you all the steering wheel-turning fun you’ve ever wanted.

Oh, you like to overtake? Well OK, Max Verstappen, wrap your eyes around the 7.5m wide track, which gives you ample opportunity to tootle past your championship rival and give him a friendly wave as you go by. You won't find any safety cars here though, pal.

The 270cc, Biz Eco volt GT karts aren’t just quick, they’re also fully electric, so you won’t come out coughing like a 20-a-day smoker and you can spend an hour or two finding out what it’s like to own a Tesla.

They’ve got fully adjustable seats and pedals, hydraulic performance disc bakes and are ultra lightweight, which all sounds very much like we’re living in the future.

Capital Karts offer three session types: Super Sprint (£28.50) for 15 minutes of racing; Double Sprint (48.50) for 2 x 15 minutes of racing; and Grand Prix (£60) for a 15 minute qualifying session followed by a 20 minute race with trophies awarded afterwards.

Racers and spectators can unwind with stone-baked pizzas and refreshments afterwards and you could be back at your desk without creeping over your lunch hour. Now there’s a fast food lunch break we could get behind…

Capital Karts, 15 Cabot Square, Canary Wharf, E14 4QS,

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