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Spend, spend, spend.

Time is a precious commodity. You never earn it, you only spend it. 

We built Time Well Spent from the burning ashes of the pandemic.

From time spent wisely - with family, friends and even alone.

And from time wasted - locked in our houses without travel, experiences or spontaneity. 

We wanted to create a community where we could help each other spend our time better.

To share love for the great things in this world. 

We're independent and proud.

If someone pays us for an article, we'll tell you they've paid us for an article. 


And it's not about us. You won't find a deluge of pictures of our faces or self-indulgent rants.

We're not influencers, we're sharers. 

Please, join us. Sign up to our mailing list below and tell us what makes you tick.

If we can help you spend your time better, then we've achieved our goals.

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