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Deliciously Festive Edible City Heads to Westfield

The Museum of Architecture’s deliciously festive Gingerbread City returns this Christmas, with an eye-popping world of buildings and people made entirely from gingerbread, frosting and sweets, complete with moving trains and twirling parts.

Each year, the MoA challenges more than 50 leading architects and designers to create a futuristic, gingerbread city.

And it heads to Westfield London in December, where visitors can expect 70 gingerbread buildings, including sugary houses, train stations, markets, museums, schools and parks.

This year’s challenge was to create edible cities for five different climate zones: Polar, Continental, Temperate, Dry and Tropical.

Visitors are invited to try their hands at consumable construction in workshops learning to make their own gingerbread masterpieces to take home. Sessions are bookable in advance at £18.50 per adult.

MoA’s Gingerbread City, Westfield London, Ariel Way, London W12 7GF. 2 – 15 December and 2 – 7 January: Monday – Saturday 10am – 9pm, Sunday 12 – 6pm

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