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The Culinary King of Soho Shares His Definitive Guide to its Best Restaurants, Pubs and Cafes
Aldo Zilli

If there's anybody more qualified to provide the ultimate guide to Soho food and drink than celebrity chef and restaurateur, Aldo Zilli, we’ll eat his chef’s hat.

The multi-award-winning, Italian powerhouse once owned five restaurants in Soho and cooked for superstars like Sir Paul and Linda McCartney, Freddie Mercury, Prince Edward, Kate Moss and George Michael.

His Italian seafood restaurant, Zilli Fish was a Soho institution for 15 years, and when he wasn’t running that and Signor Zilli, Zilli Green, Zilli Cafe and Zilli Bar, the larger than life personality was (and continues to be) a regular fixture on our screens, as a presenter, chef and judge.

Casa Zilli

One of nine children, he was born in the small seaside town of Alba Adriatica in Abruzzo and first learnt Italian home cooking from his mother and catering college.

The multi-award-winning chef, who has written 10 books, is now a  brand ambassador for Mis Amigos tequila and serves authentic, quality, Italian food from his own kitchen at his country pile in Surrey at Casa Zilli, where his new flock of celebrity fans includes Dame Judi Dench.

Chef Zilli has taken a moment from juggling all of the above, to bring you the best places to eat and drink from morning to night in London's foodie jewel, Soho.

Casa Zilli, Little Common Ln, Bletchingley, Redhill RH1 4QF



Bar Italia

Bar Italia

There is only one place to drink coffee in Soho: Bar Italia. I've been going there for 45 years and it is still owned by the same family. It just makes me feel at home.

Bar Italia, 22 Frith St, London W1D 4RF


Bill's Soho
Bill's Soho

I always go to Bill's in Brewer Street ( it's where I used to have Zilli Fish) because I love the atmosphere and the buzz. It sets me up for the rest of the day. I usually order avocado on sourdough with smoked salmon.

Bill's Soho Restaurant, 36-44 Brewer St, London W1F 9TB



I prefer a light lunch and enjoy the stroll over to Cicchetti in Piccadilly. The truffle ravioli is divine and probably my favourite dish, along with their Italian tapas. The bar is fabulous and the service is typically Italian.

Cicchetti, 215 Piccadilly, St. James's, London W1J 9HL


Groucho Club
Groucho Club

When I'm not eating in my restaurant I would choose the Groucho Club in Dean Street, where my old friend  Mark Hix is directing the food and drinks menu. I've been a member there since I first got started in Soho.

Groucho Club, 45 Dean St, London W1D 4QB


Ham Yard Hotel
Ham Yard Hotel

It has to be Ham Yard in Great Windmill Street, it's a wonderful place to meet friends and I'll let you into a secret - I'm a bit of a coffee addict! So what better way to kick off the evening than with a Tequila Coffee Espresso Martini, followed by a glass of Chablis?

Ham Yard Hotel, 1 Ham Yard, London W1D 7DT


Lina Stores & Mark Powell
Lina Stores

Lina Stores in Greek Street for a wonderful slap of Pecorino cheese and then to make sure your outfit fits your mood and the great village of Soho, a visit to Mark Powell in Newburgh Street - he designed my wedding suit!

Lina Stores, 51 Greek St, London W1D 4EH

Mark Powell, 10 Newburgh St, Carnaby, London W1F 7RN

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