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The Celebrity Stylist Rescues My Desiccated Mane with this Red Carpet Secret

Geologists will tell you the Atacama Desert is the driest thing in the world, but I know that the world’s driest matter is, in fact, my hair.

Luckily for me, celebrity hair stylist Gustav Fouche is a follicle alchemist, and he’s about to treat my desiccated mane to the hot new £200 Glowdry treatment at his eponymous, Notting Hill salon. It’s the secret behind many of the glossy manes, billowing along the red carpet.

Gustav Fouche

The three-floor destination is a luxurious warren of gold, marble and tropical plants from which Gustav emerges, resplendent in a sheer, leopard print shirt and with the glossy, chocolate curls you’d expect from one of the world’s leading hair experts.

glowdry review

A golden tray of fresh, peppermint tea is set before me, while he analyses my hair and scalp in a thorough and friendly consultation. 

His passion for hair is infectious, as he laughs and chats through his ‘hair positivity’ philosophy - instead of promising people hair like J-Lo, he encourages them to love their own, unique hair and make it the best it can be. 

Gustav Fouche salon

He is equally passionate in his campaign against heavily marketed products with damaging ingredients, particularly silicone, which coats the hair and scalp in plastic to give the feel of smooth hair, but doesn’t rinse off with water, stunting hair growth and damaging hair. This was one of the inspirations behind his own, recently launched haircare line - more on that, later.

Gustav is a Wella Master Colourist and judge for their Trend Vision Awards, so naturally, I agree when he tactfully suggests that my crunchy, bleached barnet might benefit from a warming toner, to better match my skin. 

He begins to carefully coat my long hair with the bespoke Hair and Recovery Elixir treatment he has mixed for my hair’s thirsty needs.

micro mist machine

Then he places my head beneath the futuristic looking Micro Mist machine and over the next 20 minutes, I'm surrounded by sci-fi swirls of dramatic vapour, as if I'm about to be transformed into a Cyborg with great hair. 

There are only a handful of these machines across the world, and this groundbreaking technology is the magic key to the treatment. It repairs, hydrates and rejuvenates hair, giving strength, suppleness and a longer lasting shine. 

The heat provides the perfect osmosis, opening the hair cuticle for the light mist particles to penetrate the hair, pushing the product deeper into the locks. After the heat treatment, there is a burst of “cold fog” to close the cuticle, locking in the product for stronger, longer lasting results.

luxury hair salon

Afterwards, Gustav applies a clear gloss and a toner, to make my hair less brassy and more classy.

As he massages my head and washes my hair, we chat about his extraordinary rise through the world of hair. He grew up in South Africa and quit law to pursue his love for hair, going on to style everybody from Kate Hudson to LeAnn Rimes and making waves (and curls) from this salon with his unique 3D cuts and amazing styles - check out his TikTok for inspo and guides.

Gustav fouche salon

Admiring his work, he comments that my hair now feels like butter. Then I head back to the chair for a low heat blow dry, which is when I see the extraordinary transformation. 

My hair tumbles over my shoulders in super glossy, golden waves and I find myself flicking it around as I walk (or dare I say, strut) back through the salon. This Hollywood hair will last from 10 days to several weeks and Gustav’s clients use it to boost their colour and add shine between appointments.

hair before and after

Before I leave, Gustav kindly gifts me with three products from his new GF Fabulosity line, to keep his hard work looking perfect. 

After the pandemic, many of his customers were struggling with Covid-related hair loss which, coupled with his dislike of many silicone and toxin-addled products, inspired him to formulate his own, all-natural and silicone-free range.

Fabulosity hair

He gives me the Hair & Scalp Recovery Elixir (£53), loaded with traditional Ayurvedic ingredient Amla (powerful strengthening and protecting antioxidants) and amino acids to increase hair growth, scalp health and deep hair repair.

I’m also given the Fabulosity Moisturising Shampoo (£44) with Manketti and Babassu oil - a rejuvenating and quenching saviour for dry hair like mine. And the Balancing Conditioner (£35) full of sea kelp and chamomile extract, to prevent split ends and promote hair strength.

Sadly, I don’t have anywhere to show off my new do after the treatment, but believe me when I say I worked the school run with much, unnecessary hair flicking.

Gustav Fouche, 82 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5RT. Glowdry £200

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