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Enter a steampunk world where everything is yours to explore - but nothing is as it seems

A new immersive, open-world adventure is coming to London, giving you the chance to lose yourself in a steampunk wonderland and enjoy an adventure of your own choosing. And tickets go on sale today.

Fancy becoming a detective in a wild-west style town at the foot of a mountain range? Perhaps you’d just like to stroll along the canal with a drink in hand, chatting to locals and catching up on the latest gossip? Hell, why not go all out and launch a career as the town’s resident criminal?

You can do all that and more in Phantom Peak, a 30,000 square foot experience where you’re free to roam and explore as you please. It’ll be like jumping straight into Red Dead Redemption, without the ten minute long walks through the desert.

You’ll soon discover that something’s not quite right in this bizarre town that harks back to Victorian times while also boasting futuristic technology, but by interacting with the locals and taking part in immersive games, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself right in the middle of it all as the story unfolds.

The incredible set in Surrey Quays will include a central waterway with real-life boat rides into the mountains, fully-working shops, restaurants and bars and even a waterfall. And you’ll be able to discover clues by grabbing the local newspaper, speaking to locals and even digging into their backstories to find out who’s trustworthy and who might be leading you on a merry dance.

Phantom Peak promises to become one of the most exciting experiences to hit London, riding on the back of the ever-growing immersive theatre market brought to the mainstream by titans like Punchdrunk and Secret Cinema. And if those are anything to go by, tickets - which go on sale this morning (May 24) at 11am - will sell out in double quick time.

Our advice? Head over to the site right now, get your finger warmed up for that refresh button and bag yourself a place in the queue.

Canada St, Surrey Quays Rd, London SE16 7PJ,

Fancy bagging your tickets right now? Click the link below and it'll take you straight there!

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