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Thrillseekers will drop 46 metres between the chalk cliffs of Kent shopping centre

If you thought battling for the last Olaf at Build A Bear Workshop or trying to get an outdoor table at Pizza Express were the only activities that'd get your heart racing at Kent's Bluewater shopping centre, you're in for a mighty surprise. The sprawling city of consumerism launches its new Giant Swing today [Aug 3], and it'll send you from the clifftops plummeting deep into the quarry, hanging perilously from a rope.

If the term 'Giant Swing' isn't descriptive enough, we'll help paint a picture for you: It's a swing, but it's absolutely bloody massive. In fact, it's big enough to hold FIVE people at a time, but small enough that you can still be deafened by the screams of your fellow riders. You'll be strapped to a metal bar, which is all that stands between you and a very rapidly approaching floor.

It's brought to you by the folk at Hangloose, who are also behind other madcap ideas including zip wires and a Skydive Aerodium in the land surrounding Bluewater - and they offer the chance to try all three for £110.

By our reckoning, you could sneak off and work your way through them all while your other half is trying on those trainers...

Tickets £50

Bluewater Shopping Centre, Bluewater Pkwy, Dartford, Greenhithe DA9 9ST, Book Now

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