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Ohio Senator turned cookbook author reveals Kensington's top food and drink spots

After serving as Democratic State Senator of Ohio for ten years, Capri Cafaro swapped Congress for the kitchen, and began a delicious, new chapter as a hit cookbook author and host of popular culinary podcast, Eat Your Heartland Out.

Her passion for cooking and telling stories through food, led to her presenting a gaggle of popular food and travel shows as well as digital cookery classes for Tastemade Experiences and Courageous Cooks.

And luckily for us, she now divides her time between America and her home in Kensington, where she has been able to apply her impressive culinary stripes along with a decade of Senator experience, examining and rallying for what matters to the public - in this case, what we should put in our bellies - to bring us her top picks of where to eat and drink in one of London's most sophisticated desinations, Kensington.

Breakfast + Coffee

Montparnasse Café

My favourite breakfast and coffee stop is Montparnasse Café, a buzzing, independently owned French cafe. It's tucked away on Thackeray Street, just south of High Street Kensington.

You'll find it in a residential area that gives off an almost village-like vibe.

Montparnasse Cafe offers a delicious selection of freshly baked French pastries, quiches and of course, coffee.

On the weekend, I love to sit at one of their outdoor tables and leisurely read the newspaper with a coffee and croissant.

Montparnasse Cafe, 22 Thackeray St, London W8 5ET


The Builders Arms

My local lunch recommendation is The Builders Arms, just around the corner from Thackeray Street.

It is perfect for pub food favourites and usually has excellent specials on as well.

I love the baked camembert. It’s supposed to be a sharer, but I may or may not keep it all to myself!

The Builder's Arms, 1 Kensington Court Place, London W8 5BJ



I'll always book dinner at Jacuzzi on High Street Kensington. It’s new to the neighbourhood, but is part of the well established Big Mama restaurant group.

Expect quality Italian food in a sophisticated atmosphere. Of course, there is also Dishoom right off the High Street, which is popular among locals and visitors.

I enjoy the nights when they have live music. And you can’t beat Indian food served with a side of Art Deco decor.

Jacuzzi, 94 Kensington High St, London W8 4SJ

Evening Drinks

Min Jiang

For evening drinks, I like Min Jiang at the top of the ten floor Royal Garden Hotel.

It's a high end Chinese restaurant and offers stunning, panoramic views across Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and the iconic London skyline.

Min Jiang, Royal Garden Hotel, 2 - 24 Kensington High Street, London W8 4PT

Insider Tip

Da Mario

Da Mario, an Italian restaurant that claims to have been one of Princess Diana’s favourite spots for pizza, turns its basement into a disco some weekends.

Da Mario, 15 Gloucester Road SW7 4PP

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