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Greene King rolls the clock back to 1952 in the best way possible

Pub chain Greene King is taking its customers back to 1952 in the best way possible - by rolling the price of a pint back to 6p.

That was the average price for a pint of the good stuff back when the Queen was getting ready to don her crown for the first time, and ALL of Greene King’s 408 pubs will pull you a pint of IPA for less than a Cadbury’s Freddo - but you’ll need to remember the password, so grab a pen and paper and jot this down very carefully: Ready? It’s…. ‘1952’.

OK, so it’s not exactly the Enigma Code, but you’ll still feel like a spy when you lean across the bar and whisper a password into the bartender’s ear. There are rules, too - it’s one pint per person and only available on Monday 30th May - and it’s happening at what the brewer calls their ‘local pubs’ which means you won’t be able to do a cheeky bar crawl through Soho, picking up 6p pints at every location (we did the important research so you don’t have to…)

That means you’re best off heading to the suburbs for a cheeky pint, and there are plenty of beautiful old pubs who’ll happily welcome you with a cheap ale - click this link to find your nearest.

Now that Greene King has set the standard, we’re calling for everyone else to do the same.

The average house price was £1,891 in 1952. So c’mon, Barratt Homes, it’s over to you…

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