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Is it a picnic? Is it a high-end dining experience? Well, it's both.

Cornwall’s Hidden Hut has achieved something of a legendary, mythical status as a place you either know or you don’t - and even if you know, you still might not be able to find it.

It’s an open-air restaurant in a curiously secluded spot, somehow perched on a cliff and hidden from view on the Roseland Peninsula. In fact, their own website proudly proclaims that when it was built before the war, it was designed not to be seen from the beach. See? The name is starting to make sense.

You’ll need to trek along a rugged coastal path to reach it, but once you do, you’ll join a small group of in-the-know foodies who quietly rave about its culinary offerings.

If a little pre-dinner adventure sounds appealing, then we’re about to take your excitement up a notch: Hidden Hut’s Feast Nights are back after a two-year hiatus, and they're a dining experience like no other.

Somewhere between a luxury tasting menu and a family picnic, Feast Nights are a beach-based treat for the taste buds, where communal feasting happens around a single (albeit huge), table on the sand as the tide goes out. As the waves slowly recede behind you and the sun sets overhead, you'll join a group of fellow foodies for an evening that'll linger long in the memory.

Guests bring their own plates, cutlery and booze, and the Hidden Hut’s much lauded chefs prepare a single-dish dinner which changes every time, from Lobster & Chips to Beef Asado, Sticky Ribs, Champagne Shells, 12hr Lamb and South Indian Thali.

The feast goes ahead in all weathers, which adds to the sense of rustic adventure that makes the Feast Nights so exhilarating, and you’ll be seated with a whole bunch of strangers enticed by the very same curiosity that dragged you across the clifftops to be there. Sounds exciting, right? Get in there sharpish - seats at these feasts sell like hotcakes (which, incidentally, are for sale after the meals) - and they’re already online now.

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