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Swap Suits for Swimsuits with a Skyscraper Backdrop

Sweaty, heatwave-dodgers can swap suits for swimsuits at London’s new open water swimming venue… in Canary Wharf.

A dip in the Thames with old crisp packets and fag ends hasn’t been the most appealing option before, even in these deodorant-defying times.

But Canary Wharf’s 220-year-old Middle Dock has been cleaned up and lifeguarded for a pretty swanky swimming experience, against the backdrop of One Canada Square and Newfoundland, seven days a week, until the end of September.

The pool has been launched by swimming operator Love Open Water, with the Canal & River Trust and NOWCA, the UK’s biggest network of safe open water swimming venues.

It is accessed on the Middle Dock, across the pontoon from Mackenzie Walk’s Humble Grape, where changing huts are provided.

The urban, open pool is open to swimmers of all abilities (over the age of 10) for a £15 yearly NOWCA membership, after which, it’s £8 for a three to four hour session. Alternatively, you can join the regular, NOWCA swimming events for free.

Rick Kiddle, Founder and CEO of NOWCA said: “Our aim is to help make open water more accessible, to more people, and most importantly more safely.

“We support over 40 venues nationwide with our safety systems and we have worked with Love Open Water for a decade now.

“We are really excited to be part of this fantastic new venue at Canary Wharf as it will open more swimming possibilities in the East London area.”

Visit Love Open Water for more info. Open now until September

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