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New Scientist Discovery Tours Announces Achingly Cool Arctic Marine Expedition

Escape the heat in the most extra way imaginable, with a 13-day marine expedition to the Arctic Circle, exploring the land of polar bears, beluga whales, walruses and midnight sun.

New Scientist Discovery Tours has announced the launch of its Arctic expedition on 18 June 2024, when intrepid travellers can experience the trip of a lifetime on the jaw-dropping Greg Mortimer expedition ship, including hikes across the tundra and daily zodiac boat safaris past glacier fronts and fjords.

Guests can also enjoy private talks and seminars from New Scientist’s Rowan Hooper, covering topics including how to refreeze the Arctic, the geology of Svalbard, and Northern Lights folktales.

The experience begins after a night in Oslo, where travellers are treated to a drinks reception and talk from Rowan Hooper, before being flown to Longyearbyen on Svalbard’s largest island Spitsbergen. As the world’s most Northern settlement (located just over 1,300km from the North Pole), Longyearbyen is a fascinating hub of scientific research, and, despite having a population of just over 1,000, has attracted residents from more than 53 countries.

After a night at the four-star Radisson Blu Polar Hotel - the world’s most northernmost full-service hotel - and time exploring the beauty of Longyearbyen, travellers will board the Greg Mortimer expedition ship and set sail on their adventure through the Svalbard Archipelago. Each day will be specifically tailored by the on-board team, ensuring the itinerary adapts to the weather and offers travellers the best opportunities to explore the arctic wilderness and wildlife.

This is an achingly cool trip we can get on board with.

New Scientist Arctic Circle Expedition. From £9,995 per person. 18 June 2024. Includes 10 nights aboard the Greg Mortimer, two nights in four-star hotels, half-day exploring Longyearbyen, full-board throughout the marine expedition, Captain’s welcome and farewell receptions, private talks / informal seminars with Rowan Hooper, talks and activity support from onboard team.

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