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London Super-Club Marks 24 Years With a Marathon of a Rager

Ravers will need to carb-load before reaching for the lasers this weekend, because London super-club Fabric is throwing a mammoth, 30-hour party to celebrate its 24th anniversary.

Kicking off this Saturday 14 October at 11pm, more energetic clubbers can dance their way through to MONDAY at 5am.

A revolving cast of DJs including Terry Francis, Or:la, Freddy K, Adiel, Raresh, Ricardo Villalobos, and Craig Richards will celebrate nearly two and a half decades of the capital’s dance mecca across three rooms, including its famous ‘bodysonic’ vibrating dancefloor, to rattle youre skeleton while you dance.

Fear not, if you need a disco nap, a cry or a sarnie break during the 30-hour monster, each ticket allows re-entry between 14 and 16 October.

Room Two will be a Chill-Out space, if you need a breather from all the shape-throwing.

They will also have a new Corner Shop inside the venue, fuelling you through the bender with snacks, coffee and pizza, including The All Day Breakfast pizza, to celebrate making it through to morning.

Fabric 24th Birthday, 77A Charterhouse St, London EC1M 6HJ. 14-16 October. 11pm Saturday - 5pm Monday. Tickets from £10

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