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We absolutely do NOT object! Catch Elle Woods and her classmates on stage in London's iconic outdoor theatre.

Woah! We haven’t been this excited since Gucci became a publicly-traded company.

Regents Park Open Air Theatre opens this month and kicks off the summer with a stage adaptation of Legally Blonde.

Elle Woods and her classmates will be taking to the stage amongst the trees of Regents Park for seven weeks, from May 13 - July 2, with tickets ranging from £25 - £65.

For those who haven’t seen the movie, Legally Blonde follows Elle as she tries to win back her boyfriend by studying law. And the fashion-obsessed student soon discovers she’s not a ‘dumb blonde’ after all - and she becomes a Harvard-educated legal eagle.

Once Elle Woods rests her case on July 2, there’ll be a quick turnaround with the production and stages and she’ll be replaced by Cruella De Vil when 101 Dalmatians opens on July 12.

With a cast including incredible puppet-puppies, 101 Dalmatians is a family-friendly offering with matinee shows at weekends and certain performances also have BSL interpreters.

The theatre offers a ‘relaxed performance’ on Sunday August 14, when sound and lighting levels are altered, chill-out zones offered and normal rules of theatregoing (such as having to remain quiet or sit still) do not apply, making it a more inclusive and suitable environment for those with learning disabilities or who are on the autism spectrum.

Tickets are available now, but they won’t hang around once pictures of this idyllic setting start flooding social media, so get in there early and bag your seats.

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