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Take your dining to new heights with a meal 100ft in the air...

We all like dinner with a view. Penthouse apartments, restaurants in skyscrapers and a lunchtime fondue in a French Alps chalet all rank high on our list of places we’d quite like to chow down on some grub. How about dangling perilously on the end of a crane? Well, it’s not something that immediately springs to mind, but you might be about to rethink that.

London In The Sky, the capital’s premier (only?) eating-on-a-crane experience is returning this month and it’s actually a hell of a lot better than it sounds.

Diners choose ‘flights’ depending on their timing and food requirements, from breakfast to brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, cocktails and sunset dinner, before taking their seat at a table, fastening their seatbelts and being hoisted up into the sky for a culinary experience like no other.

This time around, it’ll be held by the O2 Arena in Greenwich, which means gorgeous views across the Thames, Canary Wharf and westward towards the City of London - and the sunsets will be incredible.

And the food certainly isn’t an afterthought, either. We’re talking three course dinner menus consisting of glazed featherblade of beef; dill cured salmon with seaweed crisp and smoked salmon tartare; sustainably sourced cod or baked vanilla cheesecake with red chilli rocky road.

Brunches of egg hollandaise; vegetable hash with mushroom and tarragon sausage; or pancetta and poached egg on sourdough bread, all come served with two glasses of Freixenet Prosecco, and the cocktail evenings will see on-board bartenders mixing up drinks of your choice as cheesy tunes are pumped out 100ft in the sky.

Flights take place every Wednesday to Sunday, between May 19 and August 29, so it’s time to start assembling your flight crew and getting ready for a dinner with a difference this month.

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