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Karen’s Diner Serves a Side of Masochism with your Burger

Calling all Karens - we have somewhere you’ll want to speak to the manager about. Just don’t expect an apology, because this restaurant prides itself on “great burgers and very rude service.”

Karen’s Diner finally comes to London, with one TripAdvisor nightmare opening in Barnet on 10 March and a second in Islington on 14 April.

Following its success at flipping birds and burgers at disgruntled guests in Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield, the restaurant chain brings its rude waiters to the Big Smoke and encourages you to be just as insulting to the staff.

Established in Sydney and inspired by the Karen meme, referencing "a middle-aged white woman with an asymmetrical bob asking to speak to the manager” the novelty diners were launched to enable guests to “live out their Karen dreams” with staff, who are deliberately terrible at their jobs.

And for the first time, The Hadley Hotel venue in Barnet will offer the chain's first overnight experience alongside the diner, for a night of appalling service priced at £199 for two people.

The food is in keeping with its Fifties American Diner decor, with hotdogs, fries, Karen’s Chicken Bingo Wings and burgers named ‘I Want To See The Manager’ the ‘Karen’s Got Real Beef’ and the ‘Basic Karen’.

There are also milkshakes, wines, beers and a range of novelty cocktails, including “The Music is too Loud” and “You’ve Just Lost My Business.” The “Potty Karen” is a murky brown drink, served in an actual toilet. Bottoms up!

So if you’re hungry for a side of masochism with your burger, buckle up for the London launch next month.

And if you’re a real Karen with ID proof, they’ll give you a free drink.. and then tell you to f*ck off.

Karen's Diner, The Hadley Hotel, 113 Hadley Rd, Barnet EN5 5QN. Opens on 10 March

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