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Dream jobs don't exist... or do they? The 'Sandwich Grammys' has announced a new way for you to earn a crust.

It's awards season, in case you hadn't noticed. Will Smith has been busy, Chris Rock has been unusually quiet and Tayla Park has been inexplicably dressed as a dinosaur.

But we Brits know how to throw a glitzy bash, too, and you could find yourself right at the centre of one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in the land. The Sammies - The Grammys of the sandwich world - returns to London for its 27th year and they're looking for a sandwich aficionado to join their esteemed judging panel.

It's good, honest work. You'll have to soldier through no less than 24 sandwiches - not in one sitting, we hasten to add - all created by the UK's finest and most innovative 'Sandwich Designers' (yes, that's a thing, apparently). Alongside a judging panel of food industry experts including celebrity chef Theo Randall, you'll wield the power to crown the maker of 'Britain's Best Butty.'

But with great power comes great responsibility, and you'll need to possess certain skills in order to take your seat at the top table.

Jim Winship, director of The British Sandwich & Food to Go Association who organise the event, advises: "Superior tastebuds, along with a demonstrable obsession with sandwiches, are key attributes of our ideal candidate.

“We do advise the successful applicant to wear comfy clothes on the day, as we have a lot of sandwiches to get through!"

So, fellow sandwich obsessives, now is your time to shine! Fetch your elasticated trousers, unbuckle your belts and brace yourselves for the role you were born to do.

Applications are open until Friday 15th April and the winner will be announced on Friday 22nd April. Not only will you get the chance to munch all 24 of the finest sandwiches in Britain, but you'll also be invited to the awards ceremony at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London on Thursday 5th May, where Theo Randall and comedian Jo Caulfield will announce your chosen winner.

So keep the date free - and maybe buy a party outfit a size bigger than normal, just in case.

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