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West End venue opens new bar, roof terrace and a Meteorite-shaped obstacle to send you round the bend

As if you needed an excuse to sip cocktails and whack a ball around lighthouses, ferris wheels and loop-the-loops, Swingers West End has just gotten bigger - way bigger.

The crazy golf hotspot, which launched off Oxford Street back in 2014, has undergone a £2.5 million refurbishment and there’s plenty to show for the money, including a new bar, a whole new nine-hole course and even an open-air terrace.

Swingers, which we named as one of the best activity bars in London, is now a whopping 9,000 square feet bigger and can squeeze an extra 270 people inside. The new Fairground Bar certainly looks more like an upmarket members club than a fairground drinking spot, but it’s named for its location by the new, Meteorite Course, which features a ninth hole impeded by a scaled down version of the spinning, illuminated ride of the same name.

If all those hole-in-ones (or exasperating ten-over-pars) get your belly rumbling, there’ll be food provided by long-time Swingers partners, Patty&Bun. As well as their famous burgers, the Patty team will also be serving up dishes from their chicken concept, Jefferies, which is a buttermilk fried chicken party for your tastebuds.

Take your chicken burgers, grab a Clover Club cocktail and head straight for the brand new 2,500 square foot terrace, where you can while away the afternoon with the sun on your face surrounded by floral feature walls and cascading vines from the pergola above.

Grab your plus-fours and fish out your putters: It’s time to get your golf on!

15 John Prince’s St, London W1G OAB,

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