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The kick-ass gear you NEED to be seen with this season

Whether you're a seasoned Seasonaire or a first timer in the mountains, having the right kit can make ALL the difference. From goggles that'll improve your vision, to innersoles that teach you how to ski and even helmets hidden inside beanies, there's something for you in best new ski and snowboard gear of 2024.

Panda Optics Ski Goggles
...for people who want to see it all

Barely a day goes by without a company announcing new technological advances in their lenses. New colours, designed to enhance every possible environment from glaring sunshine to cloudy, overcast mornings; interchangeable lenses; fresh shapes and designs that interact with helmets or offer ever-wider fields of vision. But in Panda Optics new offering, you'll find something genuinely different. The polarised Toric lens mimics the curvature of your retina, giving better vision, and the design is created to be worn over glasses for those who can't ditch the specs for a day on the slopes.

What's more, they've reduced the gap between lens and frame material to 2mm, which Panda claims offers a 20% increase in field of vision without increasing the size of the goggle. There are plenty of other features packed in to Panda's range, too. Magnetic frames allow you to snap out your lens and replace it - either with a new upgrade or the included Cylindrical lens - while the eight magnetic points ensure it won't pop out during a heavy fall. Integrated Guam anti-fog technology means less time spent wiping down your goggles after each run and updated straps are easier to adjust and better at sticking in place for the whole day.

Panda Optics RRP £160

Carv Ski Innersoles
...for skiers who want to IMPROVE

Slip a pair of Carv innersoles into your ski boots this season and you'll be treated to a wealth of feedback about your technique as you make your way down the mountain.

How? Well, they're not just a regular pair of foam inserts. These clever gadgets house 72 sensors, which measure the motion of your boot and the pressure of your foot on the innersoles, using that data to work out how much you're turning your skis, the angle at which you're carving through the snow, and of course the distribution of your weight as you're doing it.

All of this information is fed back to an app on your phone, giving you a rundown of your technique and offering tips on how to improve. In all, 13 different metrics are measured on every turn, including Balance, Edge Angle, Turn Shape and Outside Ski Pressure. Impressive, right? But that's not all. This season, Carv has joined forces with two-time Olympic gold-medalist and five-time World Alpine Ski Champion, Ted Ligety. The American ski-racer has created 40 increasingly challenging levels of training drills for you to tackle in your own time on the piste, providing real-time audio-coaching as you go. So when you carve your way through the crowds to meet your mates for Apres-Ski, you can tell them: "Oh, that? Yeah, Ted Ligety taught me." The ultimate Alpine power-play. Carv RRP £199. 'Membership' to training schedules costs from £79 (6 day pass) to £149 per year (unlimited)

Bataleon Moodboard yellow/black snowboard
...for boarders who want to be SEEN

I mean, just look at this thing of beauty! If you're hitting the slopes this season and want to be seen, there's no better board to be riding than the Bataleon Moodboard. Its kick-ass styling is sure to stand out against the crisp white of the powdery stuff, and what's more, this board is an all-rounder that will serve you well from the open pistes to the park.

It's not too flexible, making it a good board for entry level riders, and the twin silhouette allows you to ride regular or switch. What does that all mean? Well, this board will take you from your first days on the piste to the time you're landing jumps off the big kicker. It's aimed at women and smaller riders (which is upsetting to big lumps like me who'd take this board in a heartbeat), and at just shy of €460 (£480), it's not a bank-breaker, either.

Bataleon Snowboards RRP €459,95

...for GUILT-FREE skiing
Animal Snowstorm Recycled snow jacket in black

Mountain lovers are nature lovers - it's in our blood. So it makes sense to start paying attention to the sustainability of our gear. Luckily, Animal's new range of recycled clothing takes the guilt out of your new outfit upgrade.

The Laxx Men's Logo Jacket is made from 100% recycled materials, but don't expect to make concessions on performance. It's been tested for thermal performance at -20°C and boasts a waterproof rating of 3000. We love that it's perfect for the slopes, and with styling that can cut it in the city, too (let's be honest, we've all bought that perfect snowboard jacket, only to realise it's a little too lairy for the commute to work...). Stay warm, stay dry, and stay true to your beliefs with a fully recycled jacket.

Laxx Mens Logo Jacket RRP £120

...for safety AND style

AntiOrdinary ski helmet in pink

We all know that safety is paramount in the mountains, whether you're making your first turns on the slope or attempting 360s in the snow park, but bulky helmets don't always hit the mark when it comes to style. Step forward Anti-Ordinary, a company whose helmets bridge that style-safety gap.

You'd be hard pushed to notice an Anti-Ordinary helmet, because they look exactly like a regular beanie, but the company claims they're "32.4% safer than traditional helmets." How do you measure safety in percentages? We have no idea! But we do know that it features a patented design with two layers of protection that move just enough to promise a perfect fit for any head. The helmets are made of carbon, meaning they're ultra-strong as well as being strong enough to withstand a mighty impact, and the interchangeable beanie cover comes in 12 colours, so you can switch it up to match your outfit.

A2 Beanie Helmet RRP $229

... For those who like to shred without fear
Rippl Impact Ski and snowboard shorts

Of course, we never fall over (honest), but if you're the sort who takes a tumble every now and again, there's a lot to be said for the peace of mind a pair of impact shorts will offer. Packed with tough but flexible EVA, all kept snug within lightweight, moisture-wicking QUIK-DRY™ fabric, these shorts will protect your hips, tailbone and thighs against high-impact slams.

Naturally, they're great for beginners who'll spend a good amount of time on their bums, but don't rule out a pair as an intermediate border or someone planning on landing that big jump on the half pipe. When the fear of falling leaves your body, you'll find that extra 10% for a new trick or the confidence to take on trickier pistes, however experienced you are on the mountain. And for the price, if they even give you one more afternoon on the slopes instead of nursing a bruise back at the chalet, we'd say that makes them an essential piece of kit.


Milo Adventure Sport Walkie Talkies
... For groups who want to keep in touch

Whether you're a family with kids who want to let rip on the open piste, or a group of friends taking different routes down the mountain, these 'Action Communicators' by Milo could be the answer. Strap them to your helmet, jacket or wrist and they'll allow you to chat to your friends at a distance of up to 600m - perfect for last minute calls to "take the right fork!" or group chats about which après ski bar to head for at the end of the day. And if the mood takes you, they're also pretty handy for mocking your mate after witnessing a wipeout further down the piste. A one-click set-up creates a mesh network between your chosen devices - no WiFi or expensive phone signal needed here - and are 'always on', which means you don't have to push a button to talk as you would a normal walkie talkie. And they're waterproof and work in freezing temperatures, so no need to worry about getting cut off when the weather turns nasty or the pow gets too deep. The great thing about these devices is that they're perfect for other sports, too - fix them to your bike's handlebars, strap them to your arm while surfing or just use them to ask your next door neighbour if you can borrow some milk.

Milo, RRP £199

Spotty Otter Splashsuit in yellow
...for keeping the kids warm around resort

There's nothing worse than killing a kids' love for the mountains by sending them out in sub-standard gear. A cold, unhappy child means a very unhappy parent - but Spotty Otter will wrap them up warm, keep them dry and have them playing in the white stuff without a care in the world.

Little Hotdog Watson Arctic Cub Hat

The Forest Leader Insulated PU Splashsuit has become a firm favourite in our house - super easy to slip on and off, warm and fully waterproof and its bright yellow design not only looks great, but acts like a hi-vis vest around town, which is perfect in crowded areas.

The impossibly cool, Little Hotdog Watson Arctic Cub Hats are ideal, too, covering the ears for extra warmth and coming in a range of gorgeous designs that our kids love. What's even better about these is that they're not a holiday-only purchase like so many ski items - layer up the suit with warm under-clothing for the mountains, and pull it out of the cupboard again for use in rainy Britain as a waterproof cover-all and excellent mud-protector.

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