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Universal has bought 476 acres of land and is planning a 5-6 year build

Universal Studios is known around the world

A trip to Universal Studios might be getting a lot cheaper in the coming decade, if the studio giant's plans to bring the attraction to the UK come to fruition.

The theme park giants have spent several months carrying out "feasibility and due dilligence work," including speaking to local stakeholders and communities surrounding a 476 acre plot of land near Bedford, which has been owned by Universal since December.

In theory, that means Universal Studios UK could now be a big step closer to reality, as long as Bedford doesn't get a case of the NIMBYs and complain about the noise and traffic a potential park could cause.

The location, between Wootton and Wixams is roughy six miles south of Bedford and 16 miles east of Milton Keynes, both of which have excellent transport links to London, as well as being within easy reach of Luton Airport.

The proposed site for Universal Studios UK

With Universal's other parks located in Hollywood, Beijing, Singapore and Osaka, Japan, the move would placfe Bedford in some glittering company. And what's more, the team behind the project say: "Each theme park is unique and allows guests to be fully immersed in different experiences. If we were to proceed with this potential project, we would like to continue exploring with local stakeholders, including the Council, how we could reflect and celebrate this area’s vibrant history in our plans."

A quick Google of Bedford tells us it's famous for being a powerhouse of England's lace industry and was the filming location for 70s sitcom, Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em. Perhaps more excitingly, it's the birthplace of Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards.

We're first in line for the ski jump rollercoaster...

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