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World's first immersive, gamified recording studio hits London

Most people dream of being a rockstar, but many wannabes are more David Brent than David Bowie.

Luckily, the rock gods have brought London a brand new, immersive experience to level the playing field, so that anybody can take centre stage in their own band, using real instruments.

The world’s first immersive, gamified recording studio, WeJam can be found behind a secret door in Camden, disguised as a Marshall amp.

There, you and your chosen bandmates can find out if you've got what it takes to become the next Nirvana.

If you’re lacking the licks of Kurt Cobain, or can’t keep time like Dave Grohl, fear not: The ‘roadie’ will guide you through the process, using cutting edge technology to democratise the music experience, ensuring friends of all abilities can come together to record their favourite hits on drums, keyboard/synths, keytar or mic.

Each instrument's difficulty level can be dialled up according to its player; those with less musical prowess can be assisted by a colour coded system, showing which note they need to play, and when to play it. And as they improve, more complicated note or beat combinations are unlocked.

Experienced musicians can play in ‘freestyle’ mode, where all computer assistance is switched off, leaving them free to shred to their heart’s content.

For the full, rockstar experience, players can even order backstage treats inspired by real-life riders, from Britney’s framed Princess Di photo and Deadmau5’s inflatable animals to Beyonce’s red loo roll and Snoop Dogg’s Strawberry Watermelon Hubba Bubbas.

WeJam represents an exciting, new addition to London’s growing list of ‘gamified experiences,’ but is the first to step into the music space.

Described as a mix between Guitar Hero and karaoke, WeJam offers a glimpse into the world of recording studios and music, while still being accessible to all abilities - a perfect birthday celebration, team-building exercise, stag, hen or activity for a group of friends.

And each session ends with a fully recorded track, giving groups a lasting reminder of their time at the WeJam studio.

For more immersive experience inspo, check out our ultimate guide, here.

WeJam. From £30 per person. 23 Chalk Farm Road, Camden, London, NW1 8AG

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