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Fancy getting sea legs without taking to the ocean? Head for the sky at Brighton's scariest new experience

Until recently, the most adrenaline-fuelled experience Brighton had to offer was attempting to walk along the promenade in gale-force winds after a night in Concorde 2 (trust us, we've tried it and it wasn't pretty), but the south coast's finest party-town now has something new to offer: a 450ft-high skywalk.

For those with a head for heights, the British Airways i360 - that stonking great tower soaring above Brighton Beach - now offers visitors the chance to take a walk OUTSIDE those lovely, safe windows to feel the fresh, sea air and go face-to-face with the local seagulls without so much as a barrier to make you feel safe. Lovely stuff.

Thankfully, we're assured you'll be clipped into a safety system before making your way up a ladder at the top of the iconic tourist attraction, where you can climb atop the viewing pod for the finest views of the surrounding area,

For context, Walk 360 is nearly THREE times as high as the summit of the O2 Arena rooftop climb, a smidge taller than the London Eye and for those of you who like proper 'British newspaper measurements', it's the same as 12 double decker buses stacked on top of each other.

What we're saying is, It's pretty damn high.

Far from being the genteel viewing platform that was initially launched to much fanfare in 2016, the British Airways i360 has been regularly finding new ways to terrify visitors. Aside from the new Walk 360, you can also dangle off the edge and lower yourself to the ground with Drop 360 and take a gruelling trek to the top with Climb 360. In theory, you can climb to the top, enjoy a little stroll around and then jump off the edge back to floor level.

Fancy it? Well head straight over to the British Airways i360 site and book your experience now. You'll enjoy a full 90 minutes of adrenaline fuelled fun, head home with two professional photos and have a story that you'll want to keep telling again and again until your friends put you on mute.

Picture credit: Jason Garcia / British Airways i360

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