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Sky Bridge Opens This Month for a 721 Metre Walk Between Two Mountains

We’re struggling to even look at these photos of the world’s longest suspension footbridge, so can’t imagine looking down from the 95 metre high beast, which stretches nearly half a mile (721 metres) across two mountains.

Sky Bridge 721 opens this month and floats between the Slaměnka and the Chlum mountains in Czech Republic’s Dolní Morava Resort in East Bohemia.

If you’re brave enough to stomach the walk across the terrifyingly slender (1.2 metre wide) bridge and look down, you’ll be rewarded by breathtaking Kralicky Sneznik mountain views and hopefully, enough adrenaline to charge your jellified legs to the other side.

The feat of engineering - our stomach is churning at the thought of putting this monster together - took two years and beats the previous record-holder, Arouca 516 in Portugal by 200 metres.

And if insane heights and views are your bag, you can also check out the nearby Sky Walk, a 55 metre, wooden spiral walkway, looking out across Moravia and into neighbouring Poland.

Still game? Then head to Sky Bridge 721 to find out more, you mentalist.

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