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Let Kids Go Dotty at FREE Interactive Exhibition, The Obliteration Room

Weary of sprogs covering every conceivable surface of your home with stickers? Then we have the perfect solution.

A pristine, white apartment they are encouraged to cover in stickers and afterwards, you can brag that they’ve created art for Tate Modern. Boom.

Yayoi Kusama’s interactive artwork, The Obliteration Room opens on 23 July and is free.

Part of the brilliant, UNIQLO Tate Play series, families are provided with enough stickers to fill you with horror, at home. But here, you can relax while they cover The Obliteration Room's walls, ceilings, furniture, floor and crockery with colourful dots.

Their brief is to make this blank canvas apartment as colourful as possible. Challenge massively accepted, if little guests are anything like our kids.

The work reflects Kusama’s obsessions with accumulation, obliteration and becoming one with the artwork. She’s perhaps best known for her Infinity Rooms exhibition at Tate Modern, which will have saturated your Insta feeds for the past few months.

Visitors can also create their own masterpiece to be added to an ever-growing garden in the grand, Turbine Hall. Check out Tate Modern’s timelapse video above for what to expect.

And if any galleries fancy launching an interactive show requiring children to smear jam on windows or fill pockets with mouldy bananas, we are very much in.

Tate Modern, Turbine Hall, Bankside, London SE1 9TG. 23 July - 29 August. FREE.

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