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Get ariba the hustle and bustle of Camden Market and enjoy a margarita in the sunshine

Camden Market - once the favoured hang-spot for goths, emos, punks, rockers and just about every subculture ever invented, continues its regeneration at a breakneck speed with a new roof terrace serving up Mexican-inspired cocktails this month.

We won’t pretend we’re not a little upset about our youth being erased with every new opening (we still can’t and won’t call Camden Embassy anything but The Barfly, even if it makes us sound like pensioners), but we’ll still be making our way to Lucky Club and reluctantly having a very nice time.

What’s not to like? It’s a steel-and-glass pergola-covered bar nestled atop the independent stalls, overlooking Stables Market and it’s here for the long run, with a retractable roof and heaters, ensuring the summer months are cool and breezy and the winter nice and toasty.

The menu promises butter poached lobster tacos, cheeseburger tacos and a list of margaritas long enough to have you seeing double by the end of the visit.

What’s more, Lucky Hours from 5-6pm every Monday and Thursday challenge you to roll two dice. Hit a lucky 7 and your drink is free.

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