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Artist to send Tsunami through the streets of London for Greenwich + Docklands International Festival

The streets of Greenwich will be engulfed in a ‘tsunami’ of multicoloured FOAM this year as part of a bizarre art installation.

The Greenwich + Docklands International Festival will return to the borough from August 22 - September 11, but it’s the tidal wave of rainbow goo that’s got everybody talking.

On September 3 and 4, German artist, Stephanie Lüning will unleash “Island of Foam: Version XVIII” and locals will wake to find their streets full of bubbles, which they’re welcome to interact with like a giant, Benidorm foam party.

It's billed as a piece of ever-changing, live art, because Lüning will create the foam on site and alter the colours and amount of foam as she sees fit - to suit the 'architectural landscape.'

The popular festival sees 18 days fo dance, theatre, art and circus performances across the Borough of Greenwich and the Docklands area.

Other artists involved in the festival include Peter Hudson, who’s bringing a stop-motion skeleton rowing team to Canning Town. Charon is a 32ft high, rotating zoetrope of skeletons - based on the mythological ferryman who rowed souls to the afterlife - that can be powered by visitors to the festival. Each night, a team will move the wheel and, combined with strobe lighting, the skeletons will appear to 'move'. It was originally created for Burning Man festival, where it no doubt frazzled the minds of a whole generation of trust-fund kids on mushrooms, but makes its way across the pond in September for a much more family-friendly experience.

If skeletons rowing departed souls to the afterlife sounds a little too much for a Sunday morning, there's theatre in the form of Fevered Sleep’s ‘The Sky is Filled With Thunder', an LED show by Crown_Ctrl and performances by dance troupes, House of Suarez and Cia Maduixa.

Fancy it? You needn’t worry about FOMO (see what we did there?), because the festival is FREE, although some elements are ticketed to control numbers.

Keep an eye on the festival's website, as new performances are being added on the regular. See you in the foam!


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