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Immersive world will double in size to become Hallowed Peak, where spooky Lunar Festival brings unrest to the undead.

THE town of Phantom Peak might exist in a parallel, steampunk-inspired universe that’s simultaneously futuristic and stuck in the historic times of the Wild West, but it’s comforting to know they're still partial to a Halloween party.

In fact, the whole town is gearing up for the Phantom Peak Lunar Festival, when carnival acts will roam the Old Town, live music fills the air and locals line up to scare the Bejesus out of guests with their tales of ghouls, ghosts and monsters.

But as anyone who’s visited London’s most exciting new immersive event will tell you, all’s not exactly as it seems in Phantom Peak. The locals are plagued by visions from the past and the future and they’re particularly keen on sharing those visions with you. If you're the untrusting type - and let's face it, us Londoners aren't known for striking up conversations with strangers in the street - then maybe seeing is believing. Phantom Peak will expand to TWICE its size this Halloween, as the Old Town rises from the dead and invites you to take a walk around.

The new experience comes with a new name - Hallowed Peak - and boasts 13 completely new trails, plus terrifying horror experiences at Madam Mechanica’s and Paranormal Investigators roaming the town with information that guides you towards new experiences, fresh discoveries and hair-raising subplots.

The beautifully designed sets, from the Gilded Lake and Phantom Springs through to the busy thoroughfare of Canal Street will be given a spooky makeover, and there'll be games galore.

Tickets go on sale at 11am on September 27 and if you’re early, there’s a waiting list to make sure you’re in the queue.

Tickets from £45

Fridays - Sundays

Canada St, Surrey Quays Rd, SE16 7PJ (Behind Southwark Construction Skills Centre)

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