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COLORS festival celebrates celebrity culture and, of course... colour.

A NEW street-art festival opens in Camden this week (June 8), celebrating colourful art in all its glory. Frustratingly titled COLORS (c'mon guys, would it hurt to stick a 'u' in there for your British audience?), the event showcases the work of 35 artists, spread across a series of rooms that each take on a single colour as their theme.

A mix of local and international artists including Dale Grimshaw, Farid Rueda, One Mizer and Super Bab will take part and if the Manchester event is anything to go by, expect large-scale street art, neon, sculptures, hyperrealism, plus a healthy dash of glow-in-the-dark pieces.

Running until July 23, the fest celebrates Camden's longstanding history as an area where street art is celebrated and protected. Within a stone's throw of Color Festival's Camden Market venue, you'll find a Regent's Canal tunnel where Banksy and fellow street art legend, King Robbo engaged in a graffiti battle, with the pair painting over each other's art in an increasingly hostile dispute.

And while a stroll around the NW3 area might throw up just as much impressive art, Colors Festival will bring the medium into an easily accessible, 45-minute journey through heavily curated rooms. 

There's a big emphasis on celeb iconography, too (did you know it's actually illegal to host an art event in Camden that doesn't feature at least one image of Amy Winehouse?) and every room offers a fresh new backdrop for your all-important Instagram feed. God bless ya, social media.

Colors Festival runs Thurs - Sun from June 8 - July 23. Entry times between 10:00 - 17:00

Tickets between £10.50 (children) and £15 (adults)

Camden Market Hawley Wharf, 1 Dockray Place, London, United Kingdom, NW1 8JZ

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