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From Californian Cults to Pulp Fiction

The Connor Brothers famously launched in 2012 as deliciously anonymous twins who had survived a sinister Californian cult and made sense of the world through their art.

Their story and art captured the world’s imagination, with fans clamouring to discover the identity of the mysterious duo. Eventually, The Telegraph ran a major feature, unmasking them as London artists Mike Snelle and James Golding, who create provocative, witty and sometimes outrageous literary pastiche art, accompanied by satirical and ironic captions..

The pair kept their pseudonym and their forthcoming show's Truth or Dare title reflects their fascination with truth and (pulp) fiction, which runs through their life and art. It launches at Clarendon Fine Art Mayfair on 7 June - where it will open to the public for a week - and heads to Clarendon Fine Art Winchester on 8 June. The duo will be in attendance for both launches.

Part nostalgic homage, part irreverent pastiche, Truth or Dare revisits Fifties-style pulp fiction covers to make a playful statement about art, literature and liberation. The new exhibition will unveil six, brand new literary art pieces, showcasing their hard-hitting combination of contemporary satire and retro design. The artworks will be available in Giclée editions, unique hand-coloured prints, hand-painted vintage books and originals in assorted sizes and colours. A spokesperson for Clarendon Fine Art says: “Truth or Dare’s playful and provocative new pieces provide a fresh, satirical perspective on modern life and invite us to explore the difference between appearance and reality with wit and style.”

The Connor Brothers’ hand-painted, vintage paperback pieces remain faithful to the iconic typography, graphics and colours of the genre and their often irreverent approach and stylish design has won them a huge worldwide following. They are also passionate and outspoken supporters and campaigners for a host of social causes, collaborating with partners such as Noel Gallagher and Pussy Riot, and using their art to raise awareness and funds for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), the Teenage Cancer Trust, and numerous homelessness and refugee charities. Their work has been included in major collections, including the V&A, the Omar Koch, Niarchosand Penguin collections, as well as Banksy’s dystopian ‘bemusement park’ Dismaland. Click here to see our round-up of this month’s Top 16 May exhibitions. Clarendon Fine Art Mayfair, 46 Dover St, London W1S 4FF. 7-13 June.

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