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Dan Pearce Announces DNA exhibition at London's Clarendon Fine Art

Mixed media artist, Dan Pearce has reflected on a decade in the art scene and the cultural influences which have had a lifelong impact on his work, for DNA, his biggest solo show yet.

The Clarendon Fine Art, Covent Garden exhibition includes Lichtenstein-inspired lenticulars, which transform before your eyes, revealing Monroe, Dali and Twiggy behind a heart-shaped gun; the Queen sporting back tats and piercings, surrounded by affectionate graffiti, and swarms of black butterflies gathering to form a skull.

The artist’s work employs spray paint, hand-painted acrylics, lenticular, neon lights, objects, 3D printing, screen-printing, textured resin, gold leaf and collage, as well as his own photography and street art.

Pearce describes his style as ‘revealing the unexpected,’ due to his trademark technique of crafting multiple layers to make tactile pieces that can be admired from a distance or up-close to appreciate the details.

And his unique style has bagged him a host of A-list collectors, from Idris Elba, Anthony Joshua, Sharon Osbourne, Boy George and 50 Cent, to, Rag N Bone Man and Premiership footballers.

The latest collection has taken three months and combines modern day influences like Dface and Shepard Fairey with his lifelong love of Warhol and Lichtenstein.

The DNA solo show will open to the public on 23 March at Clarendon Fine Art in Covent Garden, where the artist will be making a personal appearance from 6-8pm. It will then move to Whitewall Galleries Leeds on 25 March and Whitewall Galleries Bournemouth on 26 March.

DNA Exhibition, Clarendon Fine Art, 117 Long Acre, London WC2E 9PA. 23 March

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