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Fierce competition will crown the finest Margarita-maker in London

Photo by Brian Jones on Unsplash

The problem with bringing the capital's finest bartenders together for an Almighty Margarita rumble is that you're going to need judges and you're going to create a lot of tequila-tinged waste.

Thankfully, the clever people over at Hackney Wick's Two More Years found a solution to both problems: You.

Yep, that's right. You, the people, will be the judges and you, the people, will guzzle all of the Margaritas that are created across three sessions on July 22nd. For a mere £37.50, you'll be welcomed into the very heart of the Margarita Rumble as no less than TEN bartenders wage lime-flavoured battle on each other in a bid to win your love.

You'll be given a token upon entry, which acts as your voting slip. At the end of the session, you slip your token into the ballot box of your favourite bartender, though you'll have done well if you can remember your own name after two hours of unlimited Margs.

If you decide to step away from the salt-covered rim of your glass for a second, you'll find DJs, dancing Dias los Muertos skeletons and plenty more inside the venue, while sponsors Jose Cuervo will have tequila experts on hand to offer masterclasses and cocktail workshops.

And when you need to soak up that alcohol, Great British Menu champ, Chef James Cochran (12:51, Upper Street) has teamed up with Lucky Chip to provide a menu including his famous OG Chicken Burger, featuring buttermilk fried chicken topped with super smooth blue cheese mousse, crunchy bacon crumb, crispy lettuce and 1251 x Sauce Shopscotch bonnet jam. Also on sale will be Lucky Chip's cheese croquettes, baby back ribs and more.

The ten tequila experts already signed up to compete for the crown include That Sos Papas, Mezcal Otto, MXO London, Exmouth Market favourites The Street Easy, Jalisco Brixton, 12:51 by James Cochran, NYC style Soho cocktail bar, Beasy, The Black Horse, Nobody Asked Me and of course, the hosts, Two More Years. Expert more names to be added over the next few weeks.

June 22, sessions 12:00 - 14:00 / 14:30 - 16:30 / 17:00 - 19:00

Tickets £37.50, includes unlimited Margaritas.

Two More Years, 7 Roach Rd, Fish Island, London E3 2PA, United Kingdom

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