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Hottest New Beach Destination Provides Panoramic Seafront and Sunset Views

The hottest new beach destination in Brighton has launched… literally.

Beach Box Sauna and Wildhut have joined forces to create the most glorious lovechild, in the shape of a luxury sauna on Brighton beach, offering stunning views of the seafront, pier and sunset.

Sitting alongside Beach Box’s existing horse box saunas, Wildhut’s 12 person Maa Trailer sauna features a two metre, triple glazed, panoramic window.

Liz Watson, Founder, Beach Box Sauna Spa, said; “Housing twelve people, it is going to further enhance a sense of community and allow space for our rituals, retreats and special events.

"I was impressed with Wildhut’s meticulous attention to detail and use of high-grade sustainable materials. People are going to love the panoramic window, it really is something special.” The luxury sauna is handmade from sustainable materials, featuring high-grade Western Red Cedar and 100% British sheep wool for superior thermal performance.

Beach Box Sauna Spa Banjo Groyne, 285 Madeira Drive, Brighton BN2 1EN.

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